Perth indie band The Spring Peaks are running up a musical hat trick. “Coming of Age” is the latest single in their dream run of catchy hooks and terrifically costumed music videos.

“Coming of Age” channels an anthemic Springsteen vibe along with a wistful storytelling about lovers in strife.

Their straight-to-the-point songwriting delivers the band’s signature Australiana sound. The magic happens though, in the indie outfit’s joyful brand of restless repetition.

The 5-piece from WA, who came together in 2016 after a late night chat in a carport, fly the flavours of feel-good nostalgia that stems from their upbeat group dynamic.

“Most of the lyrical content is based around the general theme of love and love that has been lost.”

“The direction came from our fun nature that we share and just our general positive attitude towards life,” the band describes.

They give a warm nod to influences like The Creases for inspiring them to write classic pop melodies. “Most of the lyrical content is based around the general theme of love and love that has been lost,” they explain.

Not taking themselves too seriously, “Coming of Age” is accompanied by a fun music video that they created DIY style with the help of close family and friends. On show, is The Spring Peaks stellar wardrobe style.

When asked about their fashion choices, they cheerily reply, “The music video for ‘Sports’ was the first time we had followed a theme with a dress code to follow the lyrical story between the boy and girl. I suppose we got a little carried away whilst filming the ‘Coming of Age’ video clip.”

“Coming of Age” is out on Friday 22nd March. Stream the fabulous single on YouTube or Spotify. Even better, treat yourself to a purchase on iTunes.

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