We can’t get enough of watching insanely fun thrash punk crossover band Cút Lộn. Hailing from Hanoi, the band did a call out for willing head bangers to pile up with them in the city’s busy streets. The mission was to shoot this music video for their rapid fire single “8 Điều Gấu Dặn”.

Throughout the video, the band manage to tumble their way through the city center. All the while an erratic circle pit ensues as their drummer, dressed in his signature balaclava masked Pikachu costume, struts down the middle of the public thoroughfare. It’s fun to see onlookers walk past with raised eyebrows and a mix of curiosity and confusion.

Cút Lộn’s music video is mayhem at its finest and punk at its most ludicrously addictive highs. Under all the costumes and shenanigans though, the track is testament that these dudes can really write a solid hook.

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