Listening to Tricot is always a sublime rollercoaster ride between pop approachability and math-rock complexity, but seeing the band in action is simply awe-inspiring.

Thanks to the internets and Space Shower TV, we can catch amazing Tricot’s performance of their song “アナメイン” from this year’s Mori Michi Ichiba music festival in Gamagori, Japan.

Featuring their new permanent drummer Yusuke Yoshida in tow (they’ve had rotating guest drummers since 2014), the 4-piece group bring to life their dizzying eclecticism and non-stop shifts in time on the festival stage. Singer and guitarist Ikkyu Nakajima’s enigmatic vocals are simply hypnotising.

The band from Kyoto have been playing since 2010 and have resonated with audiences around the world with their unpredictable style of tricky pop/rock music, or as guitarist Motifour Kida likes to describe it: “jumbled rock”. Despite their lyrics being sung mostly in Japanese, they have a freedom and universality to their music that is fostered tirelessly by the band. Famously, they have posted YouTube instructional videos for fans to learn how to play their songs and despite their popularity still independently manage and release all of their music.

“アナメイン” is a track from their debut release in 2011 titled 爆裂トリコさん. You can listen to more Tricot on Spotify or there are heaps of awesome music videos to watch on their official YouTube channel.

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