You gotta have some guts to deliver your debut album and call it “The Greatest”. For Bangkok’s indie rock band Yellow Fang, the title is very much deserved.

The Greatest is the 3-piece band’s first studio recording after playing 8 years together. Written primarily in Thai, the indie rock album is a haven of vocal harmonies that easily transcends any language barrier with its addictive hooks and gazey atmosphere. In a previous interview with Vice magazine, the group revealed that they learned their amazing harmony chops from singing Spice Girls songs! Their pop influence finds its own contemporary sound that sits somewhere between the free-floating sounds of Warpaint and unabashed lo-fi rawness of Super Wild Horses.

Taking their time for the first studio recording, The Greatest has a clear cohesiveness and optimistic simplicity. Never over the top, each track is no frills, emphasising their inherent ability to write velvety melodies that push all the feel-good buttons. From the 60’s inspired shuffle of “I’m a Feeder” to the slow jam of “True Blue”, every track on the 11-song album is easily navigated by the trio’s impressive 3-part vocal layers. A personal favourite is “Unreal”, a relentlessly catchy pop track that throws the listener into an unexpected psychedelic outro for good measure.

Yellow Fang are making plenty of festival appearances, with blazing sets at Japan’s Sonic Festival and Urbanscapes in Malaysia, so there’s no doubt that you’ll catch them IRL and across the YouTubes.

Stream Yellow Fang’s album The Greatest in its amazing entirety on Spotify, or give them some love by buying the digital album on Bandcamp.

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