Undeniably catchy, Major League’s first full length album Good Love is all of our pop dreams come true.

With a catalogue of 2 awesome EPs; Weird Season and Dream States, it’s a real treat to be able to wave goodbye to a cold Melbourne winter with the release of 12 track LP Good Love from Brisbane quartet Major Leagues.

On the surface, the record is sun soaked and reverb drenched. On the first gentle guitar strums of opening track Swimming Out, the mood is set for a vintage sonic haze. Stylistically, the 12 tracks of Good Love feature the glistening vocal harmonies, sweet lilting guitars and steady repetition that’s indicative of lo-fi dream pop.

Beneath it all lies a mood of melancholy. Like the bittersweet truth that behind happiness is the presence of sadness. As the head bopping track Jamiee and Anna progresses through to its saccharine chorus, the lyrics contemplate “So far from home/What’s it mean to be lonely?/So far from home/How’s it feel to be alone?”

The pace is picked up on NONO JOJO to deliver the album’s most uptempo danceable track. As the key change lifts the words sing “Fucked me around/I’d hate to lose so why’d you choose/To mess me around?”

It’s this realism that grounds the alluring pop sensibilities of the entire Good Love record, to something that can be meaningfully listened to, and danced to, over and over again.

You can throw your cash at Popfrenzy to buy Major League’s Good Love on vinyl or stream it through Spotify 🙌