Since their last album release in 2015, our ear sockets are once again happily filled with two new tracks from Darts: Cinder Bloc and Distance = Infinity.

The double singles mark a refined sound for Darts, capturing a fuller dynamic range of the five piece. Like the title track Distance = Infinity, the layers created by the Melbourne/Bendigo quintet do feel indeed, infinite. The ethereal hums, frenetic guitars, pulsating drums and outworldly keys bring a feeling of vast space, lost time and an underlying sense of adventure.

That duality of punk angst and melodic euphoria is what drives both single tracks. Underlying currents of gazey synths hits head on with jagged guitar in Cinder Bloc. A rolling rhythmic urgency meets the floating vocals on Distance = Infinity. Darts transport you to a temporary escape, to that soundscape that feels empty but not lonely. Barren, yet exciting.

We know we should live in the now, but listening to these singles we just can’t help but feel excited about what’s next to come from this band.